Freedom – A Poem Written By A Survivor


Too much is in my head.

Silence isn’t silent.

Totally alone in darkness.

Hiding in the corner, silently crying, unable to breathe. Yet showing no emotion.

Trying to let go of hurt of sadness of anger.

My freedom was taken, my innocence too.

What is a young girl supposed to do?

My identity, my individuality, my sense of self, taken.

I’ve become an object.

Objects have no feelings, no emotions and are not human. I’ve come to believe I am not a person.

To be a object is easier than to be a person.

A person has feelings has a voice and has emotions.


With some help, I will find my voice, my sense of self, my individuality, my feelings, my emotions. Get a understanding of my vulnerabilities.

I want to stop being a object but become a person, a actual human, who sees

Light in the darkness. Can see my own future. With a voice, a voice that will be heard.

Let go of all the things holding me back. And finally get my freedom.

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