10 harrowing facts about domestic violence

1. Domestic Abuse is the most quoted reason for becoming homeless. So all those people you see on the street and assume are “junkies” or “alkis”? Most of them have actually been forced out their home due to violence.

2. On average, it takes 35 assaults before the police are called. 35! Imagine the damage that can be done after 35 separate acts of violence. Again, this just highlights how abusers can be manipulative and clever to make sure it stays hidden.

3. 2 women are murdered each week by their partners. 30 men are murdered per year by their partners. Domestic violence isn’t always just a slap or a kick, it can be life threatening.

4. 53% of incidents reported to the police are not even recorded.

5. The most vulnerable age group is between 26-30 year olds.

6. 88% incidents happen at home. Again, abusers are often wise enough to keep it behind closed doors to hide what they’re doing.

7. Russia have actually been softening their domestic violence laws rather than tackling the issue. A woman dies from domestic violence every 40 minutes in Russia, yet last year they decriminalised domestic violence that doesn’t cause any long-term medical issues. Meaning as long as there are no broken bones or serious injuries, it’s not a crime.

8. The police receive a call relating to domestic violence every 30 seconds, yet it’s estimated that only 24% of incidents are actually reported. So although there is a call every 30 seconds, this is just a quarter of what the actual amount of incidents is thought to be. Again, this demonstrates how much is kept secret.

9. Only 10% of incidents actually result in a conviction.

10. Of those experiencing domestic abuse that decide to seek help, 85% have to go to 5 different professionals on average before they receive enough help to end the abuse. So when you’ve finally got the courage to speak out and do something.. you then have to go through the struggle of actually finding someone that can give the help you need.

I think these facts speak volumes about how far we have to go when it comes to tackling domestic violence. If you are in need of help, or if you know someone in need of help, I will leave a list of charities/organisations below that offer support.

Women’s Aid

Domestic violence helpline

Victim support

The hideout

Safe Lives

Reducing The Risk

National Centre Of Domestic Violence

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